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On the occasion of the Kenyan Government’s first report to the UN Committee on ESC Rights in Geneva, Dignity International supported a representative of its grassroots partner Nairobi People’s Settlement Network (NPSN), Ms Minicah Otieno, to participate in people’s advocacy work related to this meeting. This initiative was a part of Dignity’s commitment to promote the voices of the formerly voiceless and the faces of the formerly invisible to be seen and to be heard.

During the few days in Geneva Ms Otieno met with many members of the UN Committee including the Committee’s Chairman Mr Philippe Texier and spoke with them about the conditions of the people living in the people’s settlements of Nairobi struggling for a life in dignity.

Ms Otieno was also able to interact with the Kenyan delegation including the head of Delegation Honourable Martha Wangari Karua, Minister for Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs to whom she handed the People’s Manifesto prepared by the NPSN in 2007 prior to the election and the 2008 People’s Budget Booklet.

During the civil society lunch time briefing, on 6 November 2008, Ms Otieno provided a moving testimony on the recent forced evictions at Dam Village, Nairobi, Kenya to the members of the UN Committee. She appealed to the committee members to help improve the lives of the poorest in Kenya and to help put an end to forced evictions in her country. Inspired by the Obama message of change – she said “…together with your help at the international level and with our strong presence on the ground – we can bring about change. Together we can!”


Dignity’s partners Hakijamii Trust (Elijah Odhiambo left)and NPSN (Minicah Otieno, right) together with the Chairman of the UN Committee on ESC Rights (Phillipe Texier – middle)

Head of the Kenyan delegation Honorable Martha Karua leaves the room after Ms Minicah Otieno of NPSN handed over the People’s Budget and People’s Manifesto booklets

For the full state party report and various NGO submissions to the UN Committee on ESC Rights including the joint NGO shadow report, CLICK HERE>>>

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