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For the first time, Bolivia was the scene of a Dignity International Programme in Human Rights. The same was organised by UNITAS and IIADI with the Support of Secours Catholique (Cáritas France). From 7 to 13 of July, thirty social movements and NGOs representatives were part of an intense and motivating experience of collective learning and commitment reinforcement with Human Rights.

Participants from all over the country, and different areas of incidence like environment, gender, development, land and territory, urban populations rights, education, and indigenous & cultural rights, joined in Colcapirhua – Cochabamba, a department in the core of the country known for its struggles in defense of the right to water.

Although diversity was the main characteristic, the course helped to build and/or affine a shared strategic perspective that combines the mobilising style and tradition of the social movements in Bolivia with the use of Human Rights standards learned in the methodology of Dignity International.

An additional achievement was the knowing and recognising of the advanced and useful tools that the new of Constitution of Bolivia (2008) provides to Civil Society in order to make the State accountable in ESCR issues.

The organisers of the event are now trying to generate the conditions to regularize the annual realisation of this Programme in Bolivia, a country recognised for the commitment of its people towards a better world… All Human Rights for All!


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